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Mun is over the age of 21.
Time zone is GMT-7/Mountain Standard Time

Note: info is still a work-in-progress. Mun just jumped the gun. XD;

Name: Lilith
Age: 19...?
Gender: female
Birthday: September 23
Zodiacs: Virgo
Major Arcana: Empress
Height: 5'3"
Eye color: red
Hair: black, hime-style. Long.
Species: Dragon

Personality: Bubbly with friends, and is quick to offer words of companionship to strangers. Has a very strong sense of morality, but generally does not consider first if the person may or may not be a bad person when helping someone out. Not afraid of using her power to defend others, but is also afraid of being feared for being what she is at times. Doesn't mind invading people's personal space - she sometimes makes a game of it.

Lilith is someone who is an oddball to a t - if there was a "t" in "oddball". She has a rather passive and almost flippant attitude about her innate surroundings unless something or someone piques her interest.

Appearance: Lilith is pale-skinned and almost looks like she's frail. Her gaze sometimes tends to look far-off and unfocused. She's often seen wearing a red, sleeveless dress, or a similarly-styled skirt and blouse. Fond of wearing sandals. Her ears are also slightly pointed.

Bio: Before falling from the sky and landing gracelessly upon her head and forgetting everything, Lilith was a dracoknight among a kingdom of monster-kin - a dracoknight being either a human who has bonded with a wyvern or dragon as his or her mount, or as a dragon who has established the same bond with a wyvern. She was on patrol when she was attacked at the outskirts of her homeland's border, her mount slain, and herself wounded and, foolishly, left for dead (as the drop had been many, many miles above ground.)

Growing up, Lilith very much enjoyed the glory of battle and violence that her kin also indulged in more often than not. Theirs was a conquering kingdom intent on expanding its borders simply for the sake of it. At the age of fifteen, she began her journey up the ranks, and acquired a very foreboding reputation. She was a foe who fought unarmed, and disarmed her prey before decapitating or impaling them with their own weapon.

She retained enough of a heart to avoid attacking anyone who fled - and women and children, even if they tried to hurt her. But such is only a minor mercy compared to the consequences of her battlelust.

Powers/Abilities: Telekinesis. She can move objects with her mind, but not herself. If she wants to move herself via this power, she has to adhere to something that can hold her weight, and then move the object.

Enhanced Strength & Reflexes. Even outside of her dragon form, she can generally grasp and still melee weapons that are swung at her without causing herself significant injury. She's capable of noticing and reacting to something like this in a fraction of a second.

Regeneration. Lilith can regenerate from wounds after a set period of time, though it expends energy for her to do so. Attempting to regenerate from grave injuries puts her in a sleep that can last from several weeks to a few months. As such, she tends not to bother with doing more than slapping a bandaid on things when she can get away with it.

Dragon transformation (A and B)--
A) Full-fledged dragon. Large size - approx 8 meters in length (haven't determined appropriate wing-span yet, but flight-capable). Can breathe fire.
B) Paper-dragon. Long but small. Takes the form of many colorful streamers and square pieces of paper. Barely reaches six inches in width, but trails along at about three feet long.


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